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There are a plethora of health implications on your health and wellness associated with vaping, from your skin and hair health to your sex drive. Research around vaping and sexual health is still in it's infancy, but decades of sexual health studies around nicotine use and smoking have very similar findings.

A handful of stressors in your everyday life - including anxiety, depression, hormone levels, and stress - can impact sex drive and pleasure. Vaping, smoking, and nicotine use are often looked over. If you've noticed a change in your sex life since you started vaping - your vape may be the problem. 

Vaping, smoking, and nicotine use cause vasoconstriction - the tightening of blood vessels which reduces blood flow throughout the body. Reduced blood flow can prevent sexual arousal. 

Here's a roundup of the findings and known impacts vaping has on sexual health to-date. 


1. Erectile Dysfunction. 

Researchers from NYU found that men between the ages of 20-65 who vape daily are 2.4 times more likely to experience Erectile Dysfunction (ED) than men that have never vaped. Similar links between ED and smoking have been observed. One study in particular found that men who smoked 20 + cigarettes per day were twice as likely to experience ED compared to men that smoked fewer cigarettes on daily basis. 


2. Less Pleasure.

For women specifically, less blood flow from vaping can decrease lubrication and making it more difficult to reach orgasm. A lower frequency of orgasm and less lubrication can reduce pleasure from sex. 


3. Sex Drive.

Sex drive, also commonly referred to as libido, is known to be reduced by smoking and nicotine use. A recent study found that male smokers found that current smokers had a higher frequency of low libido. Meanwhile former smokers show a lower prevalence than current smokers of low libido - signally that quitting can benefit your sexual health. 

For women, arousal is directly linked to blood reaching their genitals. Restricted blood flow can cause women to have less sexual sensation (or less arousal). 

If you're hoping to get back on top of your sex life, consider reducing the amount you vape and talk to your doctor to be sure there aren't other root causes to the symptoms you're experiencing.


4. Mental Health.

Your mind plays a leading role in the pleasure you experience in bed. Vaping, smoking, and nicotine use are known to cause anxiety, depression, and increase stress levels. All of which can reduce sex drive.


For those looking to cut back or cease nicotine use all together - we highly recommend using nicotine replacement therapy like the our nicotine mints.  Nicotine dependency can vary -  take our dependency quiz to get your personalized quit plan.